This is our awesome team. Every one brings something different to the business and each and every one of us is passionate, committed and fully believes in our mission to change the face of law for good.

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Electra Japonas, CEO

Electra is the Founder of The Law Boutique. She has ten years of experience as an in-house lawyer, is a dual-qualified Cyprus Barrister and a Solicitor. She founded The Law Boutique because she wanted to change the way legal services are provided and make the industry more accessible to smaller companies and entrepreneurs.


Stuart Wilson, CTO

Stuart is the CTO of The Law Boutique. With 28 years experience in the technology sector including 7 years as a Vice-President of Technology at American Express, Stuart has previously been listed as co-inventor on patent (, which has been cited by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and IBM. In 2011, while working at American Express he was industry lead on a successfully funded Technology Strategy Board collaboration across digital industries project in partnership with the University of Sussex. Stuart's role is to oversee the TLB technology strategy.

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Kaveesha Thayalan, Legal Analyst

Kaveesha Thayalan graduated with an LLM in Intellectual Property Law, after completing her LLB at Exeter University. She has international experience in regulatory, corporate, and commercial legal departments. She recently joined the firm in October 2018, where she assists clients in realising their business goals.