helping every step of the way

The Law Boutique can help your business every step of the way. We offer support with all your legal documents, provide clear and constructive commercial advice and help you to manage your relationships. We are not just lawyers, we are business partners. 

Idea stage

You're in the very early days before you even begin trading and are wondering how best to bring your idea to life. Uncertainty can hold you back but there's no need. We can help you choose the best structure for your business, explain your obligations and set up your company so you can get going. 

Start-up stage

You're all set to go and you start to put the essentials in place. Your begin to create your website, app or platform and establish your ways of working. We help you create the right online documents, terms and conditions and GDPR policies so that you can make sure that you're setting off on the right foundations. 

Scale-up stage

You're starting to hire a team, potentially bringing on co-founders and thinking about protecting your intellectual property. We help by creating your employee and freelancer consultancy agreements, shareholder and directors' agreements and trademark registrations and help put together your GDPR strategy.