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The participation of SMEs is essential to the competitiveness of the European space industry. SMEs are key in the development of many downstream services and applications. Currently, the European satellite navigation and Earth observation service industry are mainly made up of SMEs and startups and the European Space Agency want to invest their resources to support their growth.

But the European aerospace industry has a distinct culture and working style. A lack of understanding of the procurement process can hold a startup or SME back. With years of experience in the space industry, we know how the European Space Agency operates, what the industry standard is and how to help you look after the commercials and formalities so you can focus on what you do best. 


ESA has very specific tender compliance procedures which if not followed correctly, can render your tender inadmissible for evaluation. It is therefore essential to understand how to deal with compliance requirements and make sure your bid is aligned to these. Don't let all your hard work go to waste, let us help. 

If you're a Prime contractor, we can help you understand what you should be looking for when evaluating tenders so that you can adhere to your obligations with ESA. 

ESA Bids


After you have been selected, you will negotiate with ESA or the Prime contractor before the work can commence. We have seen many instances where companies have failed to negotiate effectively, lacked clarity in the final agreement and ultimately failed to deliver in time, within budget or to spec.

This can have detrimental impact to your finances and ultimately reputation. We can help you build a strategy, negotiate successfully and finalise your contract. 

ESA Contracts


You've come to a successful agreement and now the work begins! If you're a Prime Contractor building a consortium, we can help you manage your evaluation and selection process, as well as contract change management thereafter. 

If you're a subcontractor we can help you effectively manage your agreement with your Prime or ESA, help respond to CRs, draft your CCNs, review Riders and ensure your relationships are being well looked after so that you can focus on delivery.