What kind of legal support do you need?

I'm looking for bespoke legal documents drafted by a lawyer

We craft bespoke documents to suit your business needs that will have you covered. All our documents are written in plain English, we don't believe in jargon. We offer packaged solutions but we'll happily tailor them to suit your needs.  

I'm looking for GDPR, SMCR or Trademark Registration services

Lean processes, fixed costs and a project mindset. We don't do law like most law firms. No bottomless pits of billable hours and no confusing legalese. We commit to deliverables, set milestones, fixed prices and offer you real transparency.  

I need ongoing legal support for my business

Startups don't always have the funds to pay big law firm retainers or enough workload for a full time lawyer. We offer a flexible, affordable plan that will have you covered, without breaking the bank. Rolling contract, no hidden charges.