The EU General Data Protection Regulation applies across the entirety of Europe. Any business in Europe that handles personal data of citizens anywhere in the world must comply with it and any business outside the EU that processes personal data belonging to EU citizens is also subject to the Regulation. Complying with the GDPR is not just a means to avoid heavy fines but also imperative if you want to conduct business in today’s world. Data Ethics is now synonymous with corporate responsibility and if you’re a B2B, your clients will want to see evidence that you take it seriously.

As qualified Data Practitioners and DPO trainers, we can help to ensure that you are compliant as a business, that your agreements are written in accordance with the law and that any contracts you are asked to sign off do not contain any provisions that compromise your position. We can help.

If you’re a small business looking for a one-stop solution to your needs, these packages might be for you: 


Minimise your highest risks with our Website Audit, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy all in one neat package. 


Sort out your website needs as well as the most important internal policies with this simple packaged solution. 


Need more comprehensive support? We offer bespoke consultancy services to help you with all your GDPR needs.