Date: 6 September, 2018

Location: Bloomsbury Gallery
34 Bloomsbury Street, London

Price: FREE

Join us on the 6th September where we will be presenting the issues around having a Blockchain company and complying with GDPR. 

The GDPR was created as a response to the rapidly-evolving challenges posed by the 21st-century data economy to the preservation of individual privacy and autonomy. 

Blockchain was created for similar reasons, to move away from “platform capitalism,” and into an economy where personal data remains in the control of the individual who owns it, putting unique security measures in place to promote the creation of a trustless ecosystem. 

The GDPR and Blockchain share common goals but the question is, how do Blockchain companies make sure they successfully fulfil their potential while still remaining within the realms of the law? How does the GDPR play into the very core of the Blockchain concept and how can it be used for the successful achievement of what Blockchain was originally intended for? Join us to learn more.